Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Clinic

I blogged a while ago that I was opening a new clinic, and today's the day I'm making a start. I've been offered some space at the Robert Clack Leisure Centre in Dagenham. I'm of there this afternoon to sort out the room, take some advertising, and generally start to get a feel for the place. Not having done this before I'm not sure what to expect, but I'll give it a go!

My plan is to try and organise myself around some fixed times (Tuesdays and maybe some Saturdays) to start. That way I'm not having to go in for a treatment one day and then another, but I can do several back-to-back. If Tuesday works out to be a bad choice I'll have to review it, but again we shall see.

Setting a price per session is easy when you don't have to tell anyone and you don't have any clients! It gets a bit more challenging once you start signing people up. So I've picked my figure based on what I think it should be and what I would be prepared to pay. I'm also planning on offering some discounts and maybe special offers along the way.

My other thought is to offer some open events, like a free chat about stretching and flexibility, or maybe some short taster sessions. I've also done some CPD on K-taping, so I might offer that too.

I'm also planning a clinic at home using a rather nice looking log cabin in the garden rather than the lounge. I've set out the base and have gravitated towards a building. I just need to order it, build it, and get power to it. I think my wife will be quite pleased to get some of the equipment out of the house!

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