Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bags, bags, bags!

How much kit do you carry around with you? Be honest now, it's probably more than you need, I know it is for me. Having recently taken on the role of club therapist for local rugby club I've found myself looking at bags, specifically pitch-side bags, to carry all the first aid and other stuff around. There are a lot of bags out there to do this job, but I've got three I've been using for a variety of things.

First up is the pitch-side bag from Physique. This is a great bag. I inherited this one at the club and I've been using for a couple of weeks. The shoulder strap has gone missing, but that's not too important.

The bag itself is just the right size (42 x 28 x 25cm) for everything I seem to need to carry, especially when we're off to an away match and I have to leave the cupboard behind! There are front and rear side pockets, one with an internal mesh pocket and dividers in the main compartment. Unlike the other bags, these dividers are fixed and simply fold out to create separate spaces. There are also two handy mesh pockets on the outside for a bottle and a spray.

This one has been through at least one season given the dirt it's accumulated, but it's still okay and all the zips work.

Next up is a similar bag from Physioroom. This bag is similar in size (45cm x 26cm x 27cm) to the Physique bag but lacks the external mesh pockets. Inside it has all sorts of pockets and holders to keep you organised. I haven't tested this in the field as they say, but it's certainly seems to be well made and I use it to keep my personal stash of first aid supplies. The main compartment can be divided using two velcro panels, giving some organisation but not as much as the other bag.

The third bag comes from Firstaid4sport. At 45cm x 25cm x 31cm it's by far the largest of the bags, which is both a plus and a minus depending upon what you put in it! It's also bright orange (as you may have noticed!)

I like this bag for a variety of reasons. First the size. As a First Aid bag I think it might be a bit big (there is a smaller version that measures 41cm x 27cm x 23cm-a little smaller than the other two above), but for carrying my massage stuff this is a great bag.

The central compartment can be divided using two velcro partitions and there is a very useful zip pocket on the end of the bag as well as both the front and the back. Additional to these compartments are a couple of velcro fastening pockets on the front and back.On the opposite end to the pocket is a mesh pocket for a water bottle or spray.

The side pockets have the usual internal mesh pockets and zipped compartments that you find in a field bag.

The colour is the most obvious and in some ways useful distinctive characteristic of the bag. It's certainly unlikely to get missed amongst a pile of rucksacks and holdalls.

Out of the three, the Physique bag is certainly robust and a good size with those handy external mesh pockets. If you don't need or want the mesh pockets, then the Physioroom bag offers great value for money at the moment (as of Sept '14 it's on a promotional price under £20!) If you're looking for a more compact touchline bag then have a look at Firstaid4sport's touchline bag.

You can buy any of these bags empty or fully equipped as a first aid bag. But beware, the contents are similar yet with some very clear differences. It would take too long to analyse the contents, but again I think Physique probably just has the edge over the others for value and range. Whichever you choose you will probably need to supplement the supplied contents, so check carefully what you get and think about what you need.

If you just want a bag for you're own stuff, I'd definitely consider the bright orange offering.

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