Thursday, 2 April 2015

Return to Play Predictors for Hamstring Strains

Not sure where I found this, but it adds another dimension to the return to play discussion.

The following have been found to be significant predictors of length of recovery:

 Higher V.A.S at the Time of Injury: high correlation (r=0.77) between pain, measured by visual analog scale, and days lost from competition. Interestingly, in this study pain was a more accurate prognostic indicator than clinician’s assessment.

Recent Past History of Hamstring Injury (Within 12 Months): within the last 12 months were 4.2 times more likely to take greater than 3 weeks to return to play.

Time to Walk Pain Free: athletes that took longer than 24 hours to walk pain-free with a normal gait pattern where 4 times more likely to take longer than 3 weeks to return to play than those who did not.

Location of Strain (Medial vs. Lateral): site of injury i.e. biceps femoris, was a significant predictor of longer recovery time. Biceps femoris strains being 2.3 times more likely to take longer than 3 weeks to recovery.

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