Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spikey Massage Balls

I bought a set of these massage balls from Physioroom for an experiment. One of the rugby players I've been treating suffers from tension in the sub-occipitals and I was wondering if these might help relieve some of that tension.

Rather like the foam roller, you need to understand how to apply the pressure if you're going to use them for self-massage, but they have possibilities. The biggest drawback is getting your hair tangled in them. The spikes aren't long, but they it can be quite tricky to get them working. I ought to try an old tennis ball, but I suspect the same would be true, it's not just a function of spikes!

These balls are more suited to working on things like feet and into the anterior area of the shoulder. The shoulder can be accessed by leaning on the ball on a work surface or dining table for example (being posh, I can use my therapy couch of course), and the sole of the foot simply by standing on it!

Of course nothing beats the application of deep tissue therapy by a professional (!), but not everyone comes to a therapist.

Blogging about this product is not an endorsement of the product or its application. The content of this post is not intended to be prescriptive.

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