Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stability and mobility

Came across this joint relationship outline while exploring articles about hip mobility.

Foot = Stability
Ankle = Mobility
Knee = Stability
Hip = Mobility
Lumbar Spine (lower back) = Stability
Thoracic Spine (middle back) = Mobility
Shoulder Blade and Rib Cage = Stability
Shoulder = Mobility
Interesting. The original post is here. When you think about, if there is a restriction in one of the mobility joints, how is the body going to adapt to perform a given movement? The brain will work something out, and that leads to compensation or adaptations which in turn lead to dysfunction and then most possibly pain and/or limited movement elsewhere.

I've seen it with tennis players suffering from limited abduction of the shoulder. In order to get their arm up and extended above their heads to serve or smash, they go into lateral flexion of the spine, which has all sorts of implication for the way the play the shot and the control they have over it.

Yet more things to think about then.

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