Monday, 31 March 2014

Could that pain in the groin be a hernia?

Some of the stuff I get through my RSS feeds and Twitter feeds is way above my level of experience or training, but it's useful and interesting to read around the subject matter. It's keeps me thinking and learning and I believe helps me become a better therapist within my own sphere of expertise and training.

The latest post I've found useful comes from The Sports Physiotherapist, and concerns groin pain. I've had one or two clients who have complained about pain in the groin when doing a hamstring stretch. Something that seemed counter intuitive at first considering the hip flexors aren't being stretched. But I've learnt that the hip is more complicated than that!

What I've rarely thought about is the link between groin pain and the possibility of a hernia. Such clinical diagnoses are beyond my training, but it's certain something I ought to bear in mind when treating clients, particularly those who play a significant amount of sport.

You can read the original article here. It's not just about diagnosis, there's also information about management too.