Sports Massage

Sports massage can benefit anyone and everyone.

From easing aches and pains, to improving flexibility, range of motion and helping rehabilitation after injury, sports massage has a lot to offer.

A regular programme of sports massage can serve to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance recovery
  • Decrease delayed muscle soreness
  • Promote flexibility and range of motion
  • Facilitate muscular relaxation
  • Reduce adhesions, swelling and pain
  • Restore muscle integrity
  • Reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries 

Based in South Ockendon, Essex, I run my practice primarily from home. I've worked at the London Marathon, London Revolution, and the London to Brighton bike ride. During my training, I ran a clinic at a large media organisation in London one morning a week. I have also worked as a volunteer therapist at a local rugby club, and am currently working with May & Baker RFUC as club therapist.

I can be contacted on: 01708 857853, and by email at: therapy[at] for appointments and to discuss your needs.