Friday, 11 April 2014

Modified Thomas Test

I have to confess that I don't use the Thomas Test as much as maybe I should given how useful it can be. I think that's because when we were introduced to it there was so much information going into my brain that I react rather negatively to it! Well I'm over that now and it's about time I reminded myself about how to do this simple test.

This video is interesting because it extends the Thomas Test but it also reminds you of how important it is to get the pelvis in the correct position in order to make a proper assessment. It's also interesting to hear what John has to say about psoas, testing adductors and abductors and how you can use the Thomas Test position to stretch and do STR.

He also talks about testing ITB if you're interested!

 John has got a new book coming out soon about the glutes called: The Vital Glutes: Connecting the Gait Cycle to Pain and Dysfunction. It's available to pre-order from his website.