Friday, 12 June 2015

COPA 2015

So I trundled off the the ExCel again yesterday for the annual COPA Practice Show. It's a range of exhibitors and talks aimed primarily at Chiropractors, Physio's and Osteo's. There's stuff there for other maul therapists and soft tissue specialist too.

This year there was a lot more exercise equipment on display and a few stands about nutrition. There were companies with software for handling client appointments, designing exercise and rehab programmes and assorted orthopaedic aids and supports.

I had a good chat to one or two interesting folk and came away with an array of leaflets, booklets, samples and even a t-shirt this year! I didn't have too much time this year, so I wasn't able to take in any of the talks and seminars.

In the next few days I'll sort through all the stuff I picked up and decide what is worth following up at this time and what can go straight in the bin. I found some interesting looking CPD courses that might be useful, and there are some that I didn't visit but remember them from previous years and was reminded that they too might be worth a look. Often the courses run at weekends, or so it seems, and when you're involved in a sport at weekends it makes these courses difficult to fit into a schedule of fixtures. I have the same problem with my tennis coaching qualifications where the courses are almost exclusively weekends, just when I'm busy on the touchline!