Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hip extension and running

Interesting piece about the role of hip extension in running gait over on the Kinetic Revolution blog. Not just useful for those who run, but also for anyone who could do with working on getting those extensors firing!

Also useful for reminding runners that they should not ignore core stability.

From a therapy perspective there's quite a lot to be gained too. For example, when you find a tight rec fem, do you just treat that or do you go on to check hip extension too? How often do you find that tight flexors are coupled with weak extensors or misfiring glutes? Many clients will spend the vast proportion of their day in a flexed position. They sit at a desk, sit on the sofa, and even curl up in bed. So, working on hip etension may be a key component of their treatment.

The post also has a couple of videos for hip flexor stretches and glute activation exercises.

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